"Having Laura successfully complete a previous remodeling project of mine, it was a no brainer to ask her for her services on my next remodeling project.

The project entailed a complete gut and remodel of two bathrooms which shared a wall.  Walls were moved, plumbing was relocated, and everything was replaced.

Laura ascertains your needs and wants by using her superb intuitive listening skills.  She easily dials into your design likes and dislikes without prejudice.  She delivers what you want.

Laura is a master at space planning and knows how to make every inch count when designing a space.   This is especially critical when designing a small space where maximum storage is required.

Laura spends careful time drafting out construction documents in detail and then goes over every aspect with you.  She takes the time to make all adjustments along the way. The cabinet fabricator for my project told me her documents are the best he has ever used.  Her detailed documents make it almost impossible for last-minute errors or adjustments. Every ¼ inch is accounted for in every direction.

Laura is incredibly helpful in material selection.  Using her ability to know what you want makes selection of finishes effortless and so much fun!!  She accounts for every detail large and small - including flower arrangements she did herself!  I was so surprised and amazed at the breadth of her artistic talent.

Laura has the best personality.  I always look forward to and enjoy spending time with her.  She is friendly, patient, and such a  good listener - on top of being a master in her craft. You cannot go wrong with choosing her as your designer.

Ava Mann
Hidden Meadows, CA"

"Last year, I decided to remodel an existing 20' x 22' game room that had been converted from a garage by a previous owner. I needed several new areas: a laundry room, bedroom/bath/kitchenette and hallway connecting the rest of the house to the current garage. With so many new areas to be created in a relatively small space, I knew I needed a professional designer.

Throughout several months researching for a designer, I book marked a couple dozen prospects. I wanted someone with experience, ASID certified, with good recommendations and skilled at space planning. When I finally decided it was time, I went through my list to choose three to interview. I was surprised to find that I had bookmarked one person three times! That was Laura Wireman. So, I included her in the list of three that I scheduled to interview. Well, she was the first interview and after meeting Laura, I hired her on the spot and canceled the other two scheduled interviews.

During our initial meeting it was clear that Laura had what I was looking for and more. She was friendly, professional, a good listener and recorded all my needs and wants. I explained what I thought the general layout could be. She agreed and explained her approach to helping clients achieve their goals. She showed me examples of her work and from that meeting I could tell I would have great rapport with her.

Laura is an instinctual designer with a divine, innate ability to know her client. She just 'knows' your aesthetic style. She truly understood me, my needs and wants. She made every square inch count not only to function, but also created a space that feels good and looks beautiful.

What's more, she is extremely organized! Every meeting, whether it was to choose tile, fixtures, or color, she documented the choices and sent them to me. She carried a rolling plastic bin to each meeting, which was solely dedicated to my project. In the bin she kept samples of choices made, sketches, the initial blueprint design with modifications, everything pertaining to my project.

And boy can she draw! If I needed to visualize something before making a decision or she could tell I was struggling to visualize something, she would make a sketch on the fly within minutes!

Laura was always responsive to my calls, texts or emails. I always looked forward to each of my 'Laura' meetings. The meetings were so enjoyable and fun. I am grateful to have met her and I look forward to working with her on my next project.

Ava Mann, N. Escondido, CA "

"To Whom It May Concern:

Letter of Recommendation for Laura Wireman & Innerspace Design

From the moment we met Laura Wireman we knew we'd finally found the designer for us! We had previously met with four other designers, all were very accomplished and came referred, but we just weren't making the connection we knew was needed if we were to achieve our goal of having a distinctive design - a unique look and feel that was amazing but not overwhelming, contemporary yet timeless and, most importantly to us, warm and welcoming to all.

In the first meeting we had with Laura we didn't talk that much about design concepts but instead spent most of our time just getting acquainted. She asked a lot of questions about what we liked and didn't like. What our goals were. She walked our property both inside and out. And by the time we started to talk about design concepts for the remodel it was like we were already on the same page. Unbelievable!

The process from there was an incredible journey - from concept to drawings, to materials, finishes, cabinets, flooring, lighting, appliances, to selecting a GC, evaluating bids, watching over construction, to staying on budget - Laura was there every step of the way ensuring every detail was perfect and, if it wasn't, working with the GC to make it right!

Needless to say we are extremely happy with the final product. Laura took us to a place beyond our imagination and exceeded all of our expectations. And, unlike some nightmares we've heard from friends who have completed major remodels in their homes, our project was actually stress-free and fun! Best of all we have a new friend!

So, to anyone looking for an interior designer, we highly recommend you meet with Laura - you'll be delighted! Please free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our experience with Innerspace Design! "


Jim & Jodie Runchey
Ph: (760) 807-9256
Email: Jodie. Runchey@gmail.com

"Laura Wireman of Inner Space Design was my designer on a complete remodel and business studio addition on my home of 28 years. She was invaluable to taking the project from conception to completion. It was both joy and a creative venture working with Laura. When I am now in my beautiful home and work environment, I am excited, grateful and entirely pleased to be in a beautiful, inspiring and functional space. WOW! Just look at the photos of my new space and decide for yourself!

Here is what Laura brings to the table:

Careful listening that translated into beautiful hand-drawn renderings of floor plan, elevations, custom furniture, cabinets and art. These were both conceptual sketches and scaled plans with incredible detail. She caught my vision!
Enthusiasm and creativity that at times was critical to the project's survival. I had many "out of the box" ideas that she supported and that met many challenges. She believed in me when I needed support. She had many great ideas, but let me make the decision for my project if I felt strongly different.
Experience that grounded the reality of the budget with the desired result. She has a wealth of contacts and resources that made it easy for me to see the project conceptually and then materially as it unfolded. She knows the steps of construction and how to plan for each stage at the beginning of the project. Besides her resources, we blended in many of my ideas and contractors.
Organization and great follow up. She kept a file and box on my project (maybe it was actually a storage unit!). All our meetings were documented on the spot so we could follow up immediately with the next steps. Professional and detail oriented. Great at leading the way.
Works well with others. It was more like play because she found a way to bring out the best in my general contractor and subcontractors. They all enjoyed working with her because she understands the value each person brings and lets them know. If something didn't look right, she didn't shy away from the issue, but had a way to politely inquire about the details. She was fun to be around and to "work" with!!"

"We have been working with Laura for years on several remodeling projects, interior and exterior. She is excellent!  She develops great concepts and works with us and our contractor through the execution. Laura brings a wonderful enthusiasm to her craft and her confidence in the end result is infectious and comforting. Our long time contractor now recommends her to his clients and they often works closely on those projects. We highly recommend Laura."

Jim and Joan Edwards, Del Mar, CA

"Laura is amazing! Despite the fact that my husband and I have two decidedly different and strong points of view, she has guided the two of us through the design and material selection with ease. We’ve been in our house for 18 years with little improvement over the years because we just couldn’t agree on colors, materials, or anything. I honestly didn’t think there was a way to make us both happy but she found a way! She’s very comfortable to work with and she has been conscientious of our budget, our preferences and styles.

Willing just to dip our toes into the water, we contracted her originally just to put together some ideas. She put together three separate ideas for our space to make me happy, make my husband happy and an idea about blending both to make us both satisfied. It was a great effort because it gave us a chance to discuss ideas and details so that, as a couple, we could get past our differences in opinion. She also came up with an outstanding kitchen design!

I’m most impressed with how she works with the contractors and other vendors. My contractor’s project manager expressed how happy he was to hear that Laura was involved in the process because he can count on a detailed, well-thought out plan with drawings that he wants to use because they are so helpful to him. Many other designers don’t make this this type of effort. When I interviewed designers for this job, I didn’t know what gem Laura was until this point. I had chosen her because of her qualifications, her bubbly personality and the feeling that she understood what we wanted. I want everyone to know that she’s the full package!"

Sharlene and Robert Forbes
Rancho Penasquitos, CA

"Laura helped us create a warm and wonderful new environment for the entire first floor of our home. We live in an old two story house that was fast becoming too tight and small for us, as our 3 children became teenagers.

Laura listened to all our needs. Asked all the right questions and patiently worked with us. Her attention to the smallest detail is phenomenal, her ability to adapt to the challenges that presented itself as walls and ceilings were moved and removed, was critical to the success of the entire project. She worked with the construction team in such a skillful manner that they willingly listened to her and we ended up with the result we wanted. She was always available for questions and guidance and best of all – she did it all with a wonderful smile on her face. There is so much more I can say about Laura but primarily my husband and I feel the success of our project largely depended on Laura’s patience, imagination, flexibility and confidence in her ability to turn her vision into reality for us keeping in mind our tight timeline and budget.

We have now lived with the end result for about a year and we still marvel at the changes our new space has created in our family’s life.

Thanks Laura – you have a client for life!"

Teresa Staszak
Poway, CA

"We wanted to take a moment to thank you, Laura, for all your help and hard work in making our home a much better place in which to live. You have done an excellent job of understanding our requirements, our lifestyle, and our preferences in formulating your recommendations. Your creative solutions have meshed extremely well with our needs.

All of your work products have been truly professional: the concept boards, the room layouts, the construction plans, the electrical plan, etc. You have also provided us with significant help by identifying places to shop, products to buy, and contractors with whom to work.

We could not have done this without you. In addition to all of the professional design work, we value the time we spend with you personally. You’ve always been upbeat and fun to work with even during the challenges. As an outgrowth of our project you have truly become our friend."

Elaine and Jeff Forman
Carlsbad, CA

"Laura is a consummate professional!

As an older couple that used designers extensively in the past, we got to know the good ones from the bad. Some want to take over and do the work their way. Others are less demanding and acquiesce to your ideas. We wanted to avoid both.

Laura was a dream to work with, because she listened to our ideas, embellished them with her own and demonstrated, through her sketchings, what the best solutions might be. She has exceptional ideas, good judgement and is skilled at guiding you through the process - always keeping the budget in mind. Also, she is just nice to have around the house, because she always has a ready smile and is fun to work with.

When we do this again, Laura is our girl!"

Paul and Cheryl Buchanan
La Costa, CA

“I have had the opportunity to work with Laura a number of times over the last few years. Anyone who is familiar with the business of remodeling would understand that this is a testimonial in itself, designers and contractors often don’t mesh!

Laura’s practical approach to form and function is in evidence on every project regardless of size or scope. Her ability to merge design, the clients’ vision, within the confines of a budget and four walls are among her best assets.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone, for any project."

Joe Moore
Joe Moore Construction Co.
General Contractor   Est. 1980
# 387345

“Laura’s work has been exemplary. She has consistently provided timely, accurate, and insightful design concepts. Her ability to motivate and assist others around her, coupled with a positive attitude earns her respect by all whom she works with. Her attention to detail, her creative abilities and sharply honed analytical skills have consistently impressed me, my consultants, and most importantly, our satisfied clients.”

Brent Waters
CEO, Waters Construction & Development, Inc.

"Thanks to you Laura, my house makes me smile!

When I open the door to my home, I am overwhelmed with a sense of happiness, serenity and peace.

A lot of people dive into projects without thinking about all the decisions that need to be made, and are then in a rush to make those decisions that are virtually irreversible. You have consistently helped me get it right the first time. I appreciate the tremendous amount of thought, focus, and research that you put into your detailed drawings, sketches, and material selections... you consistently bring me fresh, new ideas that give me the courage to makes dramatic changes to my environment.

You have truly given me the home of my dreams!"

Donna Ahlstrom
Vista, CA

"Thanks to Laura Wireman and Innerspace Design, my remodel project turned out better than I ever expected!

Right from the start, Laura was able to capture my ideas with her amazing conceptual drawings. She combines uncanny natural artistic ability with deliberate, sound design techniques.

Laura was always professional, yet very personable… easy to work with and very reliable. Her organization and attention to detail is very impressive and her tenacity and persistence were fierce when it came to finding all the right materials and products for my project."

Robert Lundstrom
La Jolla, CA

"Laura's help in the design of our whole house remodel was invaluable. She has exceptional taste and talent. Her concept sketches were so helpful in giving us an idea of what the final project would look like.  She is quite skilled as a designer and also very open to incorporating all of our desires into the final project. Laura is upbeat and I had a lot of fun working with her."

Cathy Dobyns